RJ : resurgence through audacity

Since Marco Tedeschi took to the helm of RJ, the brand has experienced a significant revival, particularly with its new signature collection, ARRAW. These bold pieces are inspired by the ocean and space.

By Thierry Brandt

In 2018, when he took control of RJ’s destiny as CEO and Creative Director, Marco Tedeschi did not hide his ambitions. He turned up with a collection named ARRAW, and a plan to focus all his efforts on it: “I am delighted to present ARRAW, RJ’s first permanent collection. These watches truly represent the modernisation of RJ’s design philosophy. Furthermore, they are the foundation of our forthcoming developments, which will notably incorporate our future manufacture movements. ARRAW will thus allow us to raise the profile of our hallmark concepts and our collaborations, taking things to the next level,” he explained at its launch, specifying that the collection is destined for men and women alike.

Walking on the moon

Initially, the Genevan watchmaker was inspired by the ocean. Space has now taken over as we celebrate the 50th anniversary of man’s first steps on the moon. The ARRAW 6919 watch pays tribute to this exceptional achievement. “This model reflects both our commitment to exploring unknown territory and our aspiration to constantly pursue sophistication and difference, which we subtly showcase through the craftsmanship of our artisans,” comments Marco Tedeschi. The watch is impressive with its 45 mm case, adorned fittingly with the brand’s emblematic RJ BumpersTM. It is available in three different versions, each one limited to 100 pieces: red gold, black ceramic and titanium. It is powered by the first movement to be manufactured by RJ, which is equipped with a patented moon phase mechanism that turns 360° around the dial with each lunar cycle. The bezel, meanwhile, is made from a composite material into which elements from Apollo 11 have been fused.

A certificate authenticating the material, signed by Marco Tedeschi and the President of the Association of Space Explorers, is delivered with each ARRAW 6919 watch. This material is secured to the case by means of a grid inspired by the design of the Apollo 11 command module. The polyamide strap features a raised pattern evoking the footprints of the astronauts on the moon. It is easily interchangeable – as with all the models in the collection – thanks to a unique system: one click by pressing simultaneously on the two lug screws, and voilà! The buckle can also be changed by the wearer without using a single tool.

Company status
Société anonyme (public limited company)
Senior Management
Marco Tedeschi, CEO and Creative Director
Number of employees
Flagship collections
ARRAW 6919, Star Twist,
ARRAW Marine
Retail prices
From CHF 10,000 to 45,000
Annual production
800-1,000 pieces


Celestial femininity

The conquest of space fires the imaginations of children and adults, and men and women alike. So there was no reason why RJ should not devote a collection to its female clientele. This gave rise to the Star Twist: a bold first ARRAW model for women that establishes a brand new aesthetic in women’s watches. It offers cases in red gold or titanium with a 39 mm diameter, a patented spinning bezel featuring an array of precious, colourful stones, including sapphires, topazes and amethysts, and dials that present a deep celestial object that attracts the eye, like a vessel exploring intergalactic space.

On a mother-of-pearl base and decorated using a technique that is exclusive to RJ, each of these dials is an achievement in itself. Four layers of paint are applied to the base and are then covered with a transparent lacquer that brings density and lustre. Limited to 100 pieces each, the four models in the range are driven by a self-winding calibre.

ARRAW The Joker in titanium, dial with a textured white pressed plaster finish, hour-markers in the form of ‘aces’, and chronograph hand in the Joker’s signature colour with the villain’s logo at its base.
ARRAW Two-Face in satin-brushed and structured titanium, Batman logo on the screws, half-exposed dial in graduated shades of black, small seconds in the form of Two-Face’s coin.

The villains of the DC Comics world

This watchmaker likes space, but is also a comics fan. Since 2014, RJ has partnered up with one of the industry’s major operators, Warner Bros., presenting its hugely popular Batman models. The brand has renewed this collaboration with a series of watches inspired by Batman’s sworn enemies: the Joker and Two-Face. “By entrusting RJ with the task of bringing two of the most infamous villains in comic book history to life in the shape of rare, limited-edition collector’s watches, Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment have demonstrated their confidence in the position our brand occupies in both popular culture and watchmaking,” explains Marco Tedeschi. Two offbeat ARRAW models are available in a limited series of 100 pieces. The first is The Joker: a chronograph freely inspired by the Machiavellian clown, his make-up and his deadly playing cards. The second is Two-Face: a watch featuring a skeletonised movement with laser processing that evokes the criminal’s misshapen face and tortured spirit.